4 weeks post op

I’m 4 weeks post op today.

Numbness is still present in my lower lip and chin (but I do feel more and more tingling when I touch that area). My cheeks have like 80% of feeling back. I feel everything else.

Pain is at 3/10. My lower teeth are sensitive and when I stretch my mouth open my jaws hurt (the right sode more than the left). I do get quite freequent headaches, I think it’s beacuse of the swelling in my sinus area.

I’m  still swollen in my upper lip and nose nose/cheeks area. My right jaw is also a bit more swollen than my left side. I still don’t have that lean fetures I used to. Hope there is still a bif of swelling I don’t like myself this swollen.

Energy levels are so much better. I can walk for 2 hours, and have visits from 9Am-2PM (talking alot), but after that I’m very tired and have to take a nap. If I spend my day at home doing chores I don’t need a nap. I try to walk at least 30min a day.

IMG_20180212_151127Just a bit of bruising om the lower jaw and neck. Not noticable that much I think…


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