Day 17

I’m feeling much better. I can now breathe trough my nose, I still put saline in my nose a  few times a day and blood and mucus are still coming out. I am blowing lighty to get all that out.

My bruises are almost gone and I look much better. I srill can’t feel all of my cheeks under ma eyes and can’t feel the lower lip and chin. But everything is tingling in my face so I think feeling is coming back. When I talk I look like I have botox in my upper lip, or like Grinch with the full upper lip area.

I do feel my midline is a bit off, but in two weeks I have my othos visit aand hope to get elastics to fix that. Plus when I bite down my right side teeth don’t touch. Surgeon said he can get it 100% right but it close enough and that my ortho will fix that 1mm gap to close the bite on my right side.

I have much more energy, I was up amd about yesterday from 6AM-2PM and when I got home I ate lunch and went to sleep for 2 hours, I was so tired.

Oh and surgeon said I could already go to work. But I’m not ready and I told him I work in a kindergarten with 2-3 year olds he said I sould stay hom for afor another 2 weeks. We’ll see how I feel then




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