A week after

Day Two post op:

I  swelled up realy bad. The nurses still kept saying that I’ll be getting a splint in, and elastics on. I saw my surgeon who said he had to cut my nasal cincha, and my nose is going to be stuffed up for 1-2 weeks. He said I will not be getting elastics as of now, but that we will speak again on friday, day 4 post op. He also told me today  is going to be the worst. And told me he had to cut my nasal cincha while doing the operation. Myriend Iza came at 11Am for an hour,  I slept a bit before my mom and dad came to visit me at 4PM, then my boyfriend came at 5PM and stayed until dinner at 7PM. I slept from 10PM, until 1.30PM and couldn’t sleep anymore…

Day three post op:

I ended up crying to the nurse because I was lacking sleep, she told me to ask for a sleeping pill tonight. Today my roomate was going home. I also took xrays today, a d was so tired when I had to go up and down the stairs. Also my friend Silvana came to visit, and my mum came again. Today my boyfriend had to work so he didn’t come to visit me. I slept a bit troughout the day. I think the surgeon was wrong since this day was the worst, because I was tired, hungry and swollen up so bad. At 7PM I told the nurses I want a sleeping pill they talked to a doctor to percribe me it. At 8PM I came again wanting to go to sleep early and they were realy rude. They told me, well you can’t go to sleep at 8PM, you’ll get the pill at 10PM. I managed to get an hour of sleep from 8 until 10. Then took the sleeping peel and fell asleep at 11PM and I slept until 6 AM. It was awesome.

Day four post op:

TodayI was going home!!! I woke up at 6AM and was hungry until 9Am, and then the nurses told us that something went wrong with the food and that the breakfast will be coming in at 11AM. I ate a jogurt. My mum came at 11PM and we had to wait one hour for the release papers, because the surgeon/nurses messed up some paperwork. We went home at noon, my boyfriend got off work esrly and picked us up. I got a call then thst I forgot my wallet at the hospital. My bf left my at my mothers and returned to get the wallet. My mum made me gres (I can’t find a translation for this, but it’s a food made wuth milk). I ate a biiiig bowl of it 🙂 then my bf and I took some pillows for me and a thin matress to put on the couch. I felt much better now that I was home. And I slept better, even without the sleeping pill. I slept from 10PM until 6AM, woke up only two times to go pee.

Day five post op:

Itwas sathurday and my bayfriend was home with me all day. We watched TV, squeezed and just enjoyed eachothers company. I ate much better now that I was making food for myself. The swelling is slowly going down 🙂

After day five I was slowly getting better, the swelling was going down, I had more energy. I now love hot showers, and I still put ice on a few time a day. In the hospital I had a face mask with cold water 24/7. I now sleep laying down, because I can’t sleep if I’m in the sitting/loungeing position.


Day 5 swelling vs. Day 8 swelling
Pre op vs. Day 4 vs. Day 8


My nose is still full of blood and mucus and I can’t breathe trough my nose. So my mouth gets realy dry troughout the night!!!

-Nothinghurts yet, I can only feel a stich in the upper lip that hurts when I touch it or if I laugh hard.

-The first few days (until day 5 I think), when I drank watter I had a feeling that water was going into my nasal sinises, but that stopped now.

-I was on painkillers in the hospital and antibiotics trough the IV. Now I’m taking antibiotics that desolve in water (I put in in with apple juice).

-I love hot showers. After day 2 I was taking them and you feel more human when you shower.





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