Surgery done

Yesterday was operation day. I came into the hospital at 7.30AM, and had to wait until 11.30AM. I was a nervous wreck, and also cried just before going unto the operation room, and then again when I was there. I got a sedative pill, and then again another one in the operation room. When I was there it was all over in 10min.

I woke up in my room, my roommate massaged my parents and boyfried that I was done and the came to see me. I was still on drugs and was basically out of it. At about 9PM I puked blood and fwlt really dizzy bit after that it was OK. I had two cotton swabs in my nose so the let my teeth unbandaged so I couls breath trough my nose.  But my throat was so dry iz was really uncomfortable to sleep. I wouk up every 10-20min. Also the nurses kept coming in and cheking up on us.

Today the pulled the cotton swabs out of my mouth and told me I would be getting a splint. But my nose is all stuffed up with blood, not sure how I’m going tk breathe.

I wish I could jump forward for a couple of days. It really isn’t plesant..



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