Surgery date 15. January

I got my surgery date today. Surgeon told me we’re going to impact my upper jaw for 4mm (plus I can do a gingivectomy and trim my gums after for 2 more mm), and pull back my upper jaw for just 1mm or so. The lower jaw will be brought forward for 7mm, and a slight rotation to close the “open bite”. He said my upper lip might get bigger bucause it will have more support.

I also had to go to get my date for anestesiologist (5. January)  when he will have a short consultation with me. I will go to the hospital on friday 12. January the will take somw.more pictures and stuff and I’ll be able to go home on friday. I’ll have to go back on sunday, and on moday 15. January they do my surgery.

I’m so happy I won’t miss the December celebration, the parties and FOOD 😀

I’m also a bit angry because when my surgeon couldn’t find a suitable date the nurse said well I guess you’re going to have to wait a bit because cosmetic surgeries are not top priorities :O this surgery is only done to people with functional.issues (otherwise insurance doesn’t cover it and they don’t do it even if you would pay). How is a 4mm impaction and 7mm lower jaw movement a cosmetic thing?!?! I get that I’m not confident about my looks but my looks are the way they are because of other problems. UHG!! I was so angry.


Mom is a bit anxious, dad is happy I have a surgery date.

Comparison of the before ceph and after (now)

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