Surgeons appointment – nothing new 🙁

I had a sugeons appointment on wednesday, so he could look at how my extraction site was healing. He also brought another surgeon in to look at me and my case. They talked at what the best thing would be with my case. Genioplasty was mentioned, and they said my symetry/proportiona was good, I have a long face, and if they shortened the maxilla too much it wouldn’t be proportionate. They said 2mm impaction with rotation, BSSO not sure how much mm. The other surgeon was supried I had such a gummy smile and such good propotions. The also said I would need to get my gums trimmed (gingivectomy).

He didn’t give me and date, he said my ortho needs to finish his work and he will then give me a date. I have my ortho appointment on 6. July and I have my surgeons appointment 2 weeks after that. My ortho also said he will take my molds next time, so we might be getting close to the end (or should I say start).

Also the surgon said the soonest I could be getting surgery is September, because we need to wait 5months after wisdom teeth extraction. So that’s September. I hope it’s not so soon, I hope October-December.



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