My wisdom tooth extraction site healing better than the first time

I’m so happy that my wisdom tooth extraction site is healing beter than the first site. It’s been 9 days since I had them removed and it’s almost all healed up. The first time I got them removed (the other side) I had a dry socket and it hurt more and I had a bigger hole. You can see that in my pic.

Top is now (9 days after), bottom is the other side (9 days after)

Also I forgot to tell everybody I have an appointment in mid-June with my surgeon when we’ll set the date for my double jaw surgery. He also mentioned it will probably be bofore the new year, so I’m hoping November or December this year. YAAY



  1. Hii! I have similar issue as u I was wondering if u could give me ur email so I could show u my case and ask questions



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