Ortho appointment + wisdom teeth extraction + passing out…

This news is a few days old, but I’ll write what had happened from thursday until today (sunday).

On thursday I had my orthodontist appointment. He has a new assistant (his old one was promoted and now works somewhere else). He put a power chain on my lower teeth and said he was done with my lower teeth (this is the last thing we were doing to get the small gaps to close). The upper teeth still need a few months to go. He said 3-4 months. YAAY.

On friday I had my wisdom teeth extraction. They extracted the left teeth. They went straight out, with no trouble. I was out in 30min. I didn’t have to take any painkillers, but I slept almost all day. I ate breakfast before the surgery and at 5PM I made myself a banana milk shake (almost 1 liter of it). Then I went to sleep. At midnight I woke up to go to the toilet and brush my teeth (since there’s so much jucky stuff, blood, saliva… because of the wound in my mouth). I start brushing my teeth and start to feel sick. There was a heat coming throuh my body and I felt like I was going to be sick or have a diareah. I went to sit down on the toilet and since the feeling was getting worse I screamed and called my boyfried. He came and I sat down next to the toilet. I told him I’m going to pass out. I went out for like 10seconds, drank some water and passed out again for 3 seconds. My boyfried said the second time it was like I was fighting (like a little baby who’s just about to pass out and sleep). I told him to call 911. Before we got to talk to a nurse it was 5minutes later (they kept putting us trough). They said they were going to send an ambulance but we’d be at the ER before they even got here. 3 hours later I was back home. They took my blood (everything OK), an EKG (heart is OK). So they sent me home.

Today I’m not really swollen, I ate some easter breakfast, some goulash and pancakes. I think it might be the stress from work, the teeth and eating less all combined that caused it.



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