Got one wisdom tooth removed

Today I got my wisdom tooth removed. When I woke up I first went to my dentist who filled up my root canal of my upper 7th tooth (we hope it won’t hurt and it’s fixed. As of today it”s still very irritated). Then I drove my boyfriend to work a d the  again to the dentist to get xray of the tooth. All that before 9AM.

At 10AM I got to the oral surgeons office. He took me in imediatelly. I got set down on a chair and a student/assistant (you could tell she still wasn’t experienced). She put the syringe in so slowly I though I was going to ie. Put it in anf get it over with… After a few minutes my surgeon came in and stared extracting my tooth. He told me everyting he was doing, like: don’t get scared if there’s a weid sound, I’m going to do that and that. He took it out in 2 peices. One peice got stuck in the bone but he managed to pull it out.

In one hour I was out. Then I went to my parents place to get some cold compresses for my face and to the pharmacy to get sm painkillers. I took one when I got home and changed the gauze in my mouth. After 3-4 hours I fell asleep for 1,5 hours. Wathed the TV for most of the day. I’m still bleeding a bit and have a towel around me because there is some salive going out my.mouth when I watch TV on my side. I just took another painkiller so I’ll be able to sleep.

I washed my teeth only with water and toothbrush on my left side, on the right side 3 last teeth are’t clean 😂.

I also didn’t eat much today. Ate a doughnut for breakfast at 6AM and then at 6PM rice pudding. The rice went everywhere and I wasn’t sure if my toung is feeling a stitch or a rice bit. I think I got all rice bits out though.

I have my next appointment on 14. April for the other side.

You can see in the pictures I don’t have much swelling as of today, we’ll see tomorrow. The pic of my whole facw was taken just now,  before going to sleep. The blood picture was taken an hour after surgery.img_20170224_200906img_20170224_114730

Plus the surgeon broke one bracket of my tooth. I was so carefull not to brake any and the he goes and breaks one. The put it in a bag for me to take to the orthodontist office next week. I called and they said there is no problwm if the bracket is off for one week.


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