Got hit in the face with a volleyball + some pictures

I got hit in the face in my last volleyball practice and it hurts like a bitch. I think I might have gotten a light concussion, since I was dizzy and felt sick (didn’t throw up). When I ot home I just went to sleep. Today my lip is swollen a bit.

I’m also dding pictures of my progres.



  1. It’s OK now, 3 days later. But it was bound to happen since I train every day. My mouth heals a lot faster than any other place on my body (weird?). I’m glad there have been changes 🙂 but my orthodontist said everyone is pleased with the results after a few months and I’m not going to be, bacause my overbite is goint to get bigger and my bite worse. But it will all be good when I have my surgery 😉 your results are also freaking amazing!!


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