Dentist and orthodontist appointment

My surgeon said we might take out my right upper 7th tooth instead of the wisdom tooth (because we are trying to fix it for some time now it hurts me).  But he said I need to consult with my dentist and orthodontist. My dentist said it might be good sice we’ve been working on it since summer. But then my orthodontist said that would extend my/his treatment for 10months. That’s 10 more months in braces bofore surgery. So he recomended I go see a specialist for healing teeth, but for now I will just stick with my dentist (I don’t have money for the specialist and the waiting time is very long).

At my othodontist office I got new wires put in. I went from 14 to 16 but now my wire is no longer round but are rectangle. He also said this ones were much stronger. But it’s been 3 days since he changed it and it’s not nearly as bad as when I first gor braces. But I have this wire in my back left side that is poking and scratching me every time I smile/open my mouth too much. So I’ve been using wax like crazy. I still have my bite blockers since my ortho said I would still bit into my brackets if we removed them.

He also said on my next appointment we will be putting the big metal bracket that goes on the back molars (the 7th ones). But he won’t put it on the tooth I’m having problems with. I hope this doesn’t lengthen my treatment time.


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