It’s happening this month

So the braces are coming on this month, only 20 more days. 3 weeks πŸ™‚ I’m happy, anxious, excited…

Also I went to my appointment for wisdom teeth extractions and they said I can get one side extracted on 22. september NEXT YEAR :O and then the other side two months later. So I called my otrhodontist and asked if I should get my braces date moved. He then talked to my oral surgeon who will be doing the LeFort 1 surgery and asked him when I could get them removed with him. He said in june (also next year) and I’m going with that. So he will be doing both the wisdom teeth exractions and the orthognatic surgery. THe surgery can be done 3 months after all wisdom teeth are out.

Nothing else to report, but I will post some pictures of me with braces. I’m doing the normal metal ones, I can’t afford the ceramic ones (the white ones) even though there’s only 200€ difference, but because I moved to a new apartment I have limited amount of funds πŸ˜€


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