Grandma knows

Yeasterday we invited out grandmonther to visit us in our now apartment (though she doesn’t live far, like less than 2 minutes walk…). Before she left I told her about my surgery and braces and she took it VERY well!! She said: “Oh, if they fix you like they fixed Peter Prevc it’ll be all good”. (Peter Prevc is Olympic and World Champion and is from our small country called Slovenia – everybody knows about him. He had an underbite and fixed it with surgery, I have the opposite with my overbite but she got the point with him – top left picture is him AFTER)

When mom told my dad he couldn’t understand how she (granda – his mother) could be so understanding abouth this, when he’s freaking out.

So only my aunt needs to know and then everybody in my family (everybody important) will know. I hope she visits me next week, but she’s an architect and she doesn’t have much spare time. I will write what she has to say.


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