Got my braces date

I will have enough money in October to get braces on so I called my orthodontist office and got an appointmnent for October 20th. He spoke with my surgeon, but didn’t tell me exactly what they spoke of.

I reacently moved, like 3 days ago so some of my money will be going for rent but I think I can save some money (I need 300€ more to cover my initialy expenses for braces, and I will they pay them of at every appointment I get). I think I can save 300€ in one month. I just got payed and I have 1750€ in my account, but need 1300€. 310€ will got for rent and I hope I can still have 1300€ when I gat my next pay on October 10th. Then it’s 100€ every 6-8 weeks, or when the appointments are.

I still need to tell my aunt and grandparents. My mother told myfather I decided to do this and he FREAKED OUT. We still haven’t spoken about that, but I habe seen him every day since she told him (he’s been helping me and my boyfriend move out). I think he’s a little bit more calm now 😀 . When we’ll invite my aunt and grandparents to visit un in our new apartment in a about a week I will tell them. What do yiu think, soubd I tell the alltogether or tell them separatly? They will gang up on me and try to convice me not to do it at first. So I don’t know what’s best – to have one big bad confrontation with all of them, or tell one and then another?

Fingers crossed they’ll take it well.img_20160814_195032

Picture of my dad after me working out and him fixing my phone 😀 we just tested the camera. I’m puffy as hell in this pic. He’ll kill me if he finds a picture of himself on the internet. He doesn’t like that 😀 hehehe


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