Got an appointment for wisdom tooth removal

Still nothing from my orthodontist who said he’s going to talk to the surgeon and get back to me. I really want to get the braces on as soon as possible so that’s why I stressing so much. I hope he calls’ soon beacazse I still need to tell my family I decided to do this. Only my mum and boyfriend know. My dad knows I’m thinking about it but he freaked out when I told him, I don’t know how he’s going to take it. Need to tell my aunt and grandparents…


And I got my appointment on 30th September for my wisdom teeth removal. Nithing’s gonna happen then, tgey are just gonna look at my teeth and x-rays and get me another appointment when the teeth will be getting out. Not sure if they’te going to pull all 4 at the same time or 2 and 2. We’ll see soon.


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