Got my diagnosis and surgeons oppinion

I just got my surgeons opinion today and he said I have an open bite. This is news to me :O you can see form my picture that I acutally have a deep bite. It actally worries me, because in his diagnosis he I have a wrote deep bite, but then lower in his oppinion he wrote he would try and close my open bite.
I’m also worried because when he was expalining what he would do, he said he would impact the back of my jaw more than the fronth, and that’s what they do with an open bite. I would think he would have to impact my fronth more than the back??

open bite

Here’s a picture of how they do it for open bite.


Here is my telerentgen (side x-ray) and you can see that I have a deep bite (my top teeth go over my lover ones for 1-2mm)

I will call my orthodontist tomorrow (I hope he’s back from his vacation) and ask him some of this questions, because I won’t be able to se the surgeon for another 3 months. I will have an oppointment in november.


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