Why I want my surgery done?

I have always had a gummy smile, as had my mother. But the gummy smile never bothered her as it bothered me. When I was in primary school I would brush my teeth extra rough in the fronth because I thought I could elevate my gums and show more teeth. That did not happen.

I also always had an overbite/overjet and had to wear some kind of retainer that went in and held my upper and lower teeth together. After one year I lost it and the overbite never realy bothered me THAT much (well it did but the retainer was just a bother to me back in primary school).

I also never could close my mouth without strain and when I didn’t pay attention my mouth would fall open and it just looks weird.

Because I wanted to change my gummy smile at first I started looking trough the internet. Sow they could lengthen my crowns with laser and just remove my gums. When I aked a few dentist they said my problem was more complex. To me that sounded just like: “your teeth are extra deformed” and I didn’t like it. Next I went to surgeon that did smaller things as lengtening the crowns and he said what he would do and how much it would cost (+2000€) and this procedure would only mask my problem not solve it. I never stopped looking fore more info and saw there was a surgery called LeForte I where they would cut the bone above my upper teeth and shorten it and put it back together. It sound like this could solve my problem so the next orthodontis I went to said exactly what I thougt: you need the orthognastic surgery (LeForte I). And I was so happy actually that he said that, beaceause it really seemed it would fix all my problems. Also he said that my insurance would cover it 🙂 I would only have to pay for the braces that are neceessary before the surgery.

He then took a mold of my teeth, took some pictures and said I need to take a X-ray from the side, I had ortopan already with me. He wrote me a (ok sory I put this word into google translate and it didn’t translate it), but a thing that he writes and that’s like a ticket to go see a specialist 😀

I will write how my exam with the maxilofacial surgeon goes. I’m having my consultation on 20. 7. 2016



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