Consultation with mixilofacial surgeon 20. 7. 2016

So the maxilofacial surgeon told me he wants to do double jaw surgery, he wants to impact my upper jaw and he wants to bring my lower jaw forward.

It was actually quite funny, he asked me what bothered me abouth my bite and appearance. I showed him my gummy smile and he said: aha, OK, what about your nose, your cheekbones, your chin… I laughed and thought he was joking. I wasn’t there for a cosmetic surgery, bucause my insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery (it’s supposed a functional error if they consider jaw surgery and that’s sumething my insurance covers).

Then he took out a recorder and started obseving me and talking to himself in medical terms 😀

He asked me some things:

  • Do conciously close my lips?
  • Am I alergic to anything?
  • Is there any medical history he needs to be aware of.

He also measured my gummy smile and measured how much gum could be removed if I wanted crown lengtening.

He told me he talked to my orthodontist and tole me the othodontist won’t  need to fix much with my braces. And that the orthodontist will give the surgeon the time and date when my teeth will be ready. Then they will try to fit in me for the surgery as fast as they can.

Now I’m waiting for my orthodontist to come from his vacation, and to get my Julys pay so I can afford my braces. I will need to pay 2500€ for braces (half now and then I will pay the other half up untill the remove my braces). I still need the surgeons oppinion because he said I will need to the my wisdom teeth out (at least the lower ones) and I need it in writing (I hope it comes in the mail soon) because that way my insurance will cover the wisdom teeth extracion. He also said I can pull my wisdom teeth when I have my braces in??? but I need at least 3 months between my wisdom teeth removal and the surgery.

I hope I don’t need braces too long before sugery (I would like 8 months at the most)


Thumbs up!!


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