Surgery done

Yesterday was operation day. I came into the hospital at 7.30AM, and had to wait until 11.30AM. I was a nervous wreck, and also cried just before going unto the operation room, and then again when I was there. I got a sedative pill, and then again another one in the operation room. When I was there it was all over in 10min.

I woke up in my room, my roommate massaged my parents and boyfried that I was done and the came to see me. I was still on drugs and was basically out of it. At about 9PM I puked blood and fwlt really dizzy bit after that it was OK. I had two cotton swabs in my nose so the let my teeth unbandaged so I couls breath trough my nose.  But my throat was so dry iz was really uncomfortable to sleep. I wouk up every 10-20min. Also the nurses kept coming in and cheking up on us.

Today the pulled the cotton swabs out of my mouth and told me I would be getting a splint. But my nose is all stuffed up with blood, not sure how I’m going tk breathe.

I wish I could jump forward for a couple of days. It really isn’t plesant..



Surgical hooks are on

Saw my ortho before going to the hospital to check in tomorrow. I can already feel that was will be my best frind from now on, the lower bottom hook is doing some damage.

So tomorow at 10 AM I’m going to chek in the hospital, give in the paperwork and stuff, then go home until Sunday. I’m kinda nervous, anxious, but not much. Not sure because I’ve been waiting so long for this, but I’t kinda weird I’m so calm.


Saw my anesthesiologist

Today I had a breif talk with my anesthesiologist. He checked my heart, breathing, my record of deseases (there aren’t any really), he though he heard some nosie/murmurs on my heart, but after a long listening he decided it was nothing. He said it can sound as it does if you have a fast heartbeat. And I was nervois so my blood pressure was higher than normal.

Well he gave me the OK to get surger, had to sign some papers and I was off. Everything lasted 15minutes. Next friday is my hospital admitance and I will report more then. 🙂

20 days to go…

My surgery is less than a month away. I’m free until new years, and after that I’m only going to work 4 times bofore I’m free for surgery. I visit my ortho one day before going in the hospital (11th January), and I already got my 3D xrays taken. I just can’t get sick util then. I’m taking Immunal, to keep my imune system high and not get sick.

I’ll keep you posted in the new year. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🎄😇😎

Only 2 ortho visits before surgery

Last week I was at my orthos to change my wire and bands (I have rainbow mouth again). I told him that I have a surgery date, so he said I’ll come once more in November for a 5min visit, and then just a week before surgery to get the surgical hooks. He said I sould come in December and I was “WHAAAT I’ll be in surgical hooks for Christmas?!?!?!” SO he told me I can come to his office somewhere else and I can come in January not December (he’s in my dentist office once a week, but has his own office somewhere else).

Surgery date 15. January

I got my surgery date today. Surgeon told me we’re going to impact my upper jaw for 4mm (plus I can do a gingivectomy and trim my gums after for 2 more mm), and pull back my upper jaw for just 1mm or so. The lower jaw will be brought forward for 7mm, and a slight rotation to close the “open bite”. He said my upper lip might get bigger bucause it will have more support.

I also had to go to get my date for anestesiologist (5. January)  when he will have a short consultation with me. I will go to the hospital on friday 12. January the will take somw.more pictures and stuff and I’ll be able to go home on friday. I’ll have to go back on sunday, and on moday 15. January they do my surgery.

I’m so happy I won’t miss the December celebration, the parties and FOOD 😀

I’m also a bit angry because when my surgeon couldn’t find a suitable date the nurse said well I guess you’re going to have to wait a bit because cosmetic surgeries are not top priorities :O this surgery is only done to people with functional.issues (otherwise insurance doesn’t cover it and they don’t do it even if you would pay). How is a 4mm impaction and 7mm lower jaw movement a cosmetic thing?!?! I get that I’m not confident about my looks but my looks are the way they are because of other problems. UHG!! I was so angry.


Mom is a bit anxious, dad is happy I have a surgery date.


Comparison of the before ceph and after (now)

Surgeon again next week

M surgeon had an emergency surgery today and wasn’t at the office. My appointment got rescheduled to next week. And I was so excited to find out my surgery date. Well at least they didn’t reschedulet for a whole month, I’ll.jist be waiting one week.